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By the look of things, you could
say I like cakes! For several years,
I worked as a designer and photographer with one of the World's largest baked goods manufacturers - Aryzta Foods, working on all manor of projects including branding, catalogue and brochure design, food photography, pack design, in-store graphics and point of sale. Some of Aryzta's brands include Delice de France and Cuisine de France - the UK's largest food service and in-store bakery providers.

My work's not all about bakery though. Since then I have worked on brands such as Pilgrims Choice, Kerrygold butter and MU Cheese along with JCB
and CK Tools. I'm now offering my services as a freelancer, so if you think my skills could add value to your business then feel free to give
me a call.



A few of the brands
I have worked on:

Pilgrims Choice

Kerrygold Butter
MU Cheese



Marriot Hotels






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